Birch Community Services — An Uncommon Response to Poverty

Ray Keen, Development Director, spoke of the mission of Birch Community Services Inc. at our March 13th Friday morning.

The Mission of Birch Community Services is to provide a community where people can be responsible and accountable for meeting their basic needs and to equip them with resources to overcome financial difficulty.

Accountability and the power of human dignity

4A3A0514Birch Community Services Inc. (online slide presentation) is an organization that is addressing the roots of hunger and poverty in Oregon and Washington state. We are a 501c3 nonprofit that helped redistribute 8.1 million pounds of food, clothing, and household items to families in need in 2014. The BCS theory of change is based on accountability and the power of human dignity. We believe that personal responsibility empowers people to develop their own capacity to be self-sufficient and that the best context for this transformation is within a community in which participants work together to attain their goals.

Here is a short 2 minute clip by NBC Nightly News about our work.

To get involved, please contact Ray Keen at 971.235.2868 or

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