Bringing Our TARTLs to Life…online!

Hangout with your Rotary friends anytime, anywhere, for free.

With one touch, you can get face-to-face WordPress admin help uploading and publishing your Rotary projects story content and photos onto the Clackamas Sunrise Rotary new club website.

With Google Hangouts, you can always connect with others,  from your computer, your phone or your tablet. Hangouts works the same everywhere – computers, Android and iOS devices, so you can get the whole gang together no matter what device they’re on.  Video calls ring your friends wherever they use Hangouts – phone, tablet or computer, so they’ll know you’re calling.  Talk or share your screen with your friends while multitasking reading and sending emails. If you are opted out of Hangouts in Gmail, you can always click on your GMail profile photo in the chat list and select “Try the new Hangouts” to get started.

WP101 Adding Photos And ImagesWhile in the WP-Admin area check out the excellent WordPress info videos (lower left column of Dashboard)  for answers to specific questions you may have; for example: “Adding Photos and Images“. They are short, engaging and to the point.

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