Changes to enhance new membership

At the September 13th board meeting of the Clackamas Sunrise Rotary, the board approved two significant membership changes that will enhance the chances of gaining new members in the demographics we are most interested to improve.  They are Spousal membership options and under 40 membership.  Below is a description of both categories.

Also, the board approved the acceptance of credit cards for both membership dues and weekly breakfast fees.  The treasurer will look into monthly billings and payment plan options.

September 13, 2017 Board Meeting Membership Report

The membership committee has two membership category proposals to come before the board for
approval.Spousal Privilege Membership

  • Spousal Privilege Membership—A more or less “family” membership where one spouse is the official member of record for RI, and other spouse is a “club member” who can participate in all club activities but cannot serve on the Board of directors. The dues structure is $175 (present club dues) with a one-time $50 initiation fee. The “club member” can convert to full membership as the spousal rate of $125 at any time should they wish to serve on the club board.Under 40 Membership
  • Under 40 Membership—In order to attract a younger membership base and begin to develop programs/activities around that base we propose an Under 40 membership with dues of whatever equals our annual dues to RI and District 5100 (approximately $110) along with the one-time $50 initiation fee. We also recommend that the first member inducted under the new Under 40 Membership structure have the first year’s dues waived. The $50 initiation fee would still apply.Credit Card Acceptance
  • Credit Card Acceptance—To assist both the new membership categories we recommend setting up the Treasurer to accept credit cards. We also recommend looking into monthly billings and payment plan options.

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