Fun & Friendship — Most Awesome Fall TARTL Ever!


2014 TARTL

This IS The Most Awesome TARTL Event EVER!

Mitch Wall rolled out this falls TARTL (Take A Rotarian To Lunch) event during our October 23 Friday morning meeting. The year’s event was inspired by the exploits of Rotarian Terry Mohr’s special encounters with law enforcement (you’ll have t ask Mitch). This is a great opportunity to have some fun, develop friendships and get to better know new members and exchange students.


2014 TARTL

For all the exciting details, rules and the FALL 1015 TARTL PARTNER LIST!


2014 TARTL

TARTLs are successfully completed when the two partners photo and brief narrative are posted on the clubs Facebook page* and Mitch or Renee receive your confirmation email. Three event winners will receive Paul Harris Club Points. The event will between 10/23/2015 through 12/31/2015 with winners to be drawn at the 01/08/2016 meeting.


*Email your photos and narrative to Jim Davis if you need assistance posting them on the Club’s Facebook page.

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