A healthy teaching kitchen and a food pharmacy

Community Healthy Teaching Kitchen

Community Healthy Teaching Kitchen

During a recent Clackamas Sunrise Rotary breakfast meeting, members toured Providence Milwaukie Hospital Healthy Teaching Kitchen. Chef Martin, Arron Curtis, Director of Nutritional Services and Lesley Townsend, Executive Director of Providence Milwaukie Foundation answer questions.

“Joan” goes to bed hungry most nights. She often doesn’t eat because she needs to feed her kids first. Joan has diabetes and needs to eat better to help manage it. Through our Screen and Intervene program, Joan and her family are identified as food insecure. That is just the first step. Then the question becomes, “How can we better serve Joan and her family?”

Chef Martin, Arron Curtis and Lesley Townsend answer Rotary member questions.

The solution: a healthy teaching kitchen and a food pharmacy.

Why a healthy teaching kitchen?

Patients benefit more from a cooking class and personalized counseling than from general recommendations when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes.

Clackamas Rotary Members at Providence Milwaukie Hospital Healthy Teaching Kitchen

Clackamas Rotary Members at Providence Milwaukie Hospital Healthy Teaching Kitchen

Teaching patients and community members essential cooking and preparation skills helps them make more than just a tasty meal. Learning how to cook healthy meals may save their lives or the lives of their family.

Providence Milwaukie Hospital will provide an ally, a friend and a chef, someone to walk them through this who understands the challenges they may face.

What is a Food Pharmacy?

Doctors will write a “prescription” for food to be redeemed at the food pharmacy on the Providence Milwaukie Hospital campus. The pharmacy will provide patients easy access to nutritious produce to supplement their diets and address specific medical issues through diet.

We are asking for gifts of $1,000 to $10,000.

Your support will allow Providence Milwaukie Hospital to provide classes and healthy fresh food to our patients in the program throughout the year. With your generosity, the Healthy Teaching Kitchen and Food Pharmacy will provide our community with optimal health, nutrition, and lifestyle options.

Teaching_Kitchen_-_jimdavisor_gmail_com_-_GmailPlease join us in our mission of Creating Healthy Communities!

For more information on how you can help, please contact:

Lesley TownsendExecutive Director

Providence Milwaukie Foundation
10150 SE 32nd Avenue
Milwaukie, Or 97222
503-513- 8325

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