Vibrant and Inspiring Rotary News Stories


Our Bowl-A-Fun in March is a major club fundraiser

As part of our continuing efforts to keep Rotary News Stories vibrant and inspiring to all our members and the community, here are a few tips for writing and preparing your news and articles for our new website. This is your opportunity to rally the club member troops around your project and to communicate who we are to the community.

Begin with a clear idea of your main points.

  1. Most Newsworthy Info: Who – What – When – Where ( Why – How )
    1. A good story length to submit would be between 350-700 words.
    2. Remember you are writing for the internet (read about the inverted pyramid)
    3. Engaging heading (from the readers perspective) and supporting intro paragraph (5-8 words)
    4. Strong intro paragraph (25-35 words)
    5. Great photos of club members in action, serving the community are essential (include several). Photos are important our current very visual society is well connected through social media. They help your story get found, read and shared! Don’t forget to include captions. Be sure to attach photos in your email as separate jpegs.
  2. Create scannable copy—aim for concise, clear sentences, short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points where appropriate.
  3. Share interesting details that inspire engagement in club activities.
  4. Give it your best spelling and check the punctuation.
  5. By all means include your passion and the spark of your personality—make it fun and real!

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